How much work on my roof, if any, can I accomplish on my own?

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Most of the work should NOT be done yourself. Professional roofing contractors are trained to safely and efficiently repair or replace roof systems. You can damage your roof system by using improper roofing techniques and severely injure yourself by falling off or through your roof. Maintenance performed by home and building owners should be confined to inspecting roof systems during the fall and spring seasons [...]

If my roof leaks, do I have to replace it completely?

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Not necessarily, it really depends on the leak. Sometimes the cause is a misplaced flashing, storm damage, a branch poking through, or lack of proper ice and water shield. Most often a complete roof system failure will come from an older roof or an improper installation. Your best course of action is to call a roofing professional for a full inspection of the problem. Only [...]

How do I know when my roof has failed?

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Different roof types fail at varying rates and with different modes of failure. To save you some time, here is a list of general clues indicating roof failure: Does the roof leak in several locations? Do leaks persist despite repeated repair attempts? Do repairs seem to make leaks worse, or do new leaks develop after repairs? How tolerant is the occupancy to leaks? Low leak [...]

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When is the best time to install a new roof?

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Spring, summer and fall are arguably the best roofing seasons; it is a common misconception that you cannot do roofing year round. Although Pennsylvania’s heavy winters can slow down the process due to less daylight hours and adverse working conditions, a full roof installation can be accomplished. Every season presents its own set of weather related challenges and it is our job as roofing professionals [...]

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