How will I know when to choose the materials and finishes for my construction project?

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Your GC will make a schedule and keep you informed/give you advance notice as to when you will need to make these decisions.   Nauman Contracting is your Northeastern, Pennsylvania roofing contractor. With years of construction experience of all types and sizes in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, and beyond. The Nauman Contracting team takes pride in its reputation for its quality workmanship with the highest [...]

What if I decide I want to make a change during construction?

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This happens quite often. Contractors call this a “change order”. Once it is established what the requested change is, the contractor will quote you a price in writing, and normally, expects payment of that change prior to making the change. Most customers do experience this during construction, and it is not unusual to have 3-5 change orders. Each change order will be in writing and [...]

How often should I visit the construction site during construction? Especially if it is away from my home?

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As often as you feel necessary; however, keep in mind in new construction that the project may seem to be progressing quickly, and then depending on scheduling of the subcontractors, you may see a period of time where it appears nothing is going on. Quite often, in the last sixty days of construction, it appears that the process slows down, and even just a few [...]

After finding a GC and signing the contract, how quickly can the contract begin the project?

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This answer depends on many factors. Depending on the size of your GC, they may have to schedule you around other projects that they are already involved in, or they may be able to start immediately. If it’s a large firm, they will have a larger team and a more flexible schedule. Does the project involve demo? If your project is new construction, it could [...]

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How do I choose the right general contractor?

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Hire someone you can trust: A good GC will use quality materials, techniques, and act with integrity. Do your research. Ask for references, check with the Better Business Bureau. If you’re already making plans with an architect or inspector that you trust, ask them for a list of quality contractors that they often work with. Find someone with an excellent reputation and strong track record [...]

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