When you are relaxing in the comfort of your heating or air conditioning and start hearing strange noises coming from your unit, don’t panic especially if you have been keeping up with your annual maintenance! Not every noise means your system is malfunctioning.

So, how do you know when there is an actual problem with your unit? We have listed a few items below that signal a bigger problem that will require professional assistance so homeowners can be diligent in keeping their system is working condition.

Odd Noises

When you have your HVAC system installed, you should learn the normal sounds associated with your particular unit with the help of your contractor. Any new sounds will then require immediate investigation. Some sounds you should look out for are rattling, growling, knocking, or squeaking. These are clear signs that something is wrong with your unit and needs to be repaired. If that should happen, turn your unit off and call Nauman Mechanical immediately.

Decrease in Airflow

The first things you should do when you notice that the air flow begins to lessen is to check the filters. Clogged filters are a common reason for issues with decreased airflow. If they are clean, your ducts may be clogged or your fan is not working properly and professional assistance is required.

Unusual Smells

A burning smell coming from your HVAC unit is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system. Turn off the unit and switch off its breaker until Nauman Mechanical can arrive to fix the issue.

Excessive Cycling

A system that cycles on and off frequently is not only inefficient but also annoying. This issue is usually a sign of a defective thermostat and should be looked out to keep your energy bill at a minimum.

The moment you notice something is wrong with your system, call Nauman Mechanical, your local professional heating and cooling company, at (570) 476-7515.